DMS-Mastering - Online Mastering Service

Avail yourself of the mastering knowledge of our Engineer Aaron Miles who can shape or verify your Music to the next level - so you can assure having an outstanding sound quality everywhere. If you wish to attend a mastering session, please contact us. If you like, it is also possible to use our online mastering service with no compromis to an attend session. It provides the same service with the same Engineer, Room and the same Gear.
If you have questions you can allways contact our Engineer direct via Skype or E-Mail.
We still use a bunch of analog gear - every mastering project includes recall sheets and if requested a short summary of what we did. If you need to come back with a re-edited track, we are able to recall the mastering chain to assure not the same but a most matching sound. Our offer for recalled pre-masterings is 39 each track.